Busking 10

Hello, everybody! This is my last chance to busk on the space shuttle, so I’m up here offering the following to members of the crew:

$1  I make you laugh and spew your Tang into the weightless air and then I clean it up with my miniature Dustbuster.

$2  I make the sound of escaping air, scaring the bejesus out of your shuttlemates for a laugh.

$3  When your shuttlemates put me outside, I keep saying “Open the door, HAL” for a laugh.

$4  I press a ham on the shuttle window from outside.

$5  After tagging the shuttle and swiping one of its hubcaps, I catch a ride back to Earth with the Russians, giving them the case of Cîroc I brought up with me.

2 Responses

  1. Let me get this right: in your space suitcase you had: a mini dustbuster, a ham, and a case of Ciroc. (yes I had to google “ciroc,” and I’m really impressed that you know what that is and you even put the little ^ symbol above the “i.”) Also, you came back with a hubcap.

    I’ll bet you were an Eagle scout.

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