Busking 7

I’ve been busking in an elevator on 6th Avenue when it rains. The ride is too short for a good song and dance, so I’ve been offering the following:

$1  Shoeshine

$2  Head-to-toe whisking

$3  Oil your zipper

$4  Pull up your socks, grab your cock, and get you ready to roll!

$5  Surreptitiously hit the Stop button, scream “We’ll never get out of here! We’re all going to die!” and then let you be the good Samaritan who calms me down.

If you have a pet on a leash, I will get down on all fours and keep it company at no charge.

4 Responses

  1. But how much would you charge for an in depth (thirty second elevator ride) discussion of how hot Anna Torv is and what, exactly, the season 3 finale of Fringe meant?

    • I’m only halfway through Season 2.

      My concern is that if Torv and I were to hook up somehow, about halfway through she’d get concerned look on her face. Maybe also pull that big gun she carries.

      • Ah, this explains your comment on my blog. You will find season 3 is almost entirely through story. They had a lot of stand alone episodes in the beginning of season 2, I think as a ploy to get new viewers who didn’t know any back story. You’ll like the second half of season 2 a lot better, and season 3 is GLORIOUS.

        PS I wouldn’t give Anna Torv anything to be concerned about. 😉

  2. Good news! Season 2, Episode 14 tonight.

    And thanks for the visit.

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