Busking 6

I’ve been busking along 5th Avenue. Without any entertainment skills, I’ve been offering the following:

$1 – I go around the block, snatch a purse, and bring it back to you. Contents are pot luck.

$2 – I slip into that deli over there and bring you back a cheese.

$3 – I sneak into the wake at that funeral home on the corner and bring you back the wedding ring from the deceased’s hand. I have no pickpocket skills, but when the mark is dead, it’s not so hard.

$4 – I wait over by that park bench and when a woman in a tank top walks by, I wrestle it off her and hand it to you as I flee.

$5 – Within 10 minutes (or it’s free), I  bring you a baby in its stroller, with diaper bag.

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