Guest Post: Freddy Potts

Thanks for this space, joem18b. I’ll use it to write about my movie-watching pet peeves.

I hate it when the person sitting next to me is texting on their iPhone, or playing Angry Birds, or eating something, or has snot up their nose, or breaks wind a lot. Also, I hate it when their stomach gurgles. It “takes me out of the movie.”

I’ve tried to ignore all these things. My therapist says that I’m “too f**king sensitive.” But no use. As noisy as Transformers and Punch Drunk were, I still couldn’t concentrate on them with somebody at my elbow clearing their throat, bringing up phlegm, and scratching. They scratch their scalp and then there is a pause, and then they scratch their armpit and then there is a pause, and then the next thing, they’re scratching in their pubic region. And grunting. I hate the grunting.

This is why I now watch movies only at the cinema, not at home. I’ve talked to my wife and daughter and mother-in-law about this but it doesn’t do any good. So no more sitting on the couch with them watching DVDs for me. I’ve had it.

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  1. I watched the first week of Therapy last night. I think Gabriel Byrne is headed in the direction of Freddy Potts’ therapist. Also, he was so mean to Gina — how is he ever going to get help for his erotic transference problem?

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