Guest Post: Bullying

Hi, Uncle joem18b! Thanks for giving me a chance to blog!

Mom and Dad feel terrible about those awful guest blogs they did today. They asked me to tell you they’re sorry. When they get in a fight, they’ll just say or do anything to be hurtful to each other.

Speaking of being hurtful, there is a clique of the “best” girls at school which is giving me a very bad time. Sure, the girls are prettier than I am. Their hair is more stylish. They all have at least one boyfriend and I don’t have any, but that doesn’t give them the right to hurt my feelings every day, does it?

When I come home from school, I just want to do my homework, cook a little something in the kitchen, sew, and moon over the dreamboats in my movie magazines. Instead, I turn on my computer with dread to see what latest attacks on me I’ll find on Facebook.

What should I do?

Your loving nephew, Irving

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