Movies That Have Meant Something Really Important To Me

Movie: The Boy with Green Hair (1948)
Experience: Boredom
Life Lesson: Don’t let your parents take you to clunky old movies or movie life will seem worse than real life. What were they thinking?

Movie: Alice in Wonderland (1951)
Experience: Wonder.
Life Lesson: Now that’s what I’m talking about. Movie life is better than real life.

Movie: Ben Hur (1959)
Experience: Excitement
Life Lesson: See “Alice in Wonderland”

Movies: The Road Warrior (1981), Conan the Barbarian (1982)
Experience: Slipped out of work; sat in a small theater with maybe four others for the double feature; drank coke and ate popcorn.
Life Lesson: Work sucks.

Movie: Good Morning… and Goodbye! (1967)
Experience: Bright colors. Women with large natural hooters.
Life Lesson: Real sex is not movie sex; forget the green hair and go for Alice, Heston, Gibson, Schwarzenegger, and the hooters.

3 Responses

  1. I have always wondered what kind of men call breasts “hooters.” Are they the same guys who think that women want to receive penis photos?

  2. The one that does it for me is Anatomy of a Murder, which taught me that the old black-and-white movies that pop-pop watches on the couch aren’t so bad. Good Post!

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