Screenwriting in Hollywood: Sexist?

A female screenwriter in Hollywood is treated just like a male screenwriter. Badly. Haha.

I personally don’t drink with female screenwriters and I wouldn’t screw one, but Saul G., who sometimes shares a project with me, will screw anybody, truth to tell.

How many movies in Hollywood have a female as the lead star, the hero of the movie? Not many, right? So why would you want a female writing the script? It don’t make sense.

However, I do know three women who are quite successful as writers in Hollywood and they all just use their initials: A. J., M. J., and J. P. They say that they tried to find the most masculine letters to use, which are A, J, M, and P, according to this broad who is a psychoanalyst to the stars and to a couple of big producers at MGM.

Movies are full of women. They act in them, they do the makeup, they do the costumes. You’ll see one trying to be a grip. But why do you think it’s called “best boy”?

There are even some female directors. The world standing on its head.

But, and this is a very big but, I just wrote a script with a woman in it who becomes President of the United States, and she is still able to raise three kids, get dinner on the table at night, and look gorgeous doing it.

3 Responses

  1. I think Geena Davis did that in a very short-lived series that I actually liked a lot. Except she had fewer kids and I think they were more of a “what the hell, let’s get takeout again” family rather than a meat & potatoes at 6 kind of family. Okay, they got takeout from the white house kitchen, so maybe it involved an artfully cooked vegetable or two. Still.

    PS I’m doomed when it comes to screenplay writing. I mean really, would you buy a badass screenplay from someone named “Lily Fay”? And my book, which has a male protagonist and is set in post-war Germany? I’m going with L.F., although I’m aware those are not very alpha male initials.

  2. Poor old Geena got canceled in a hurry on that one. She was chosen in the first place because of her height, but it wasn’t enough.

  3. I’m 5’6″. I believe that puts me out of the running for president or actress-who-plays-president. Good thing I ditched my own presidential ambitions after my senior year in high school, when I was student body president, a job I sucked at, but which did teach me to be careful what I wished for. Other activities and jobs I’ve sucked at: cheerleading (too geeky), swimming (fear of water over my head), tennis (instinct to duck when ball comes toward me), sprinting (what’s the hurry?), waitress (get your own ketchup), secretary (hatred of boss, hatred of dictation, hatred of subservience), fast food milkshake maker (have you ever tried to do that? it’s hard). My notable successes: teaching creative writing to 4th and 5th grade boys and to law students ( I didn’t teach them creative writing, I taught them how to tell the truth), Parenting: so-so. I yell too much, but I’m good when somebody’s needs to be forgiven.

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