Five Favorite TV Shows 2011

I don’t have a television set that is hooked up to anything and don’t use streaming much, so anything that I know about TV shows comes from seasons boxed on DVD.

Ruling out all the canceled and concluded shows and miniseries that I’ve liked, my current favorites:

Top 5

5. Sons of Anarchy

4. Breaking Bad

3. Curb Your Enthusiasm

2. Big Love – I haven’t seen the final season. I’ll be sad to see it go.

1. In Treatment

Five more, some of which could be in my top five

5. Entourage

4. Fringe – Always entertaining but frustrating because the through story is so slow to emerge.

3. Spartacus: Blood and Sand – Poor Spartacus got sick. Hope the show comes back.

2. Community- So far I’ve only seen Season 1.

1. I’m probably forgetting one.

Honorable mention

True Blood – Liked Season 1. Started Season 2 but bailed.

Haven’t seen



Boardwalk Empire


Modern Family, Parks and Recreation, The Killing, The Walking Dead, Nurse Jackie, etc., etc.,…

Haven’t engaged me


30 Rock

The Office

All animation

Bored to Death – Almost. If it had more through story.



One Response

  1. I like your list. It’s all men doing bad things except the men aren’t actually bad, but just morally conflicted. Or funny. Or both.

    A guy who said he worked for comcast came to our door a couple of days ago to see how things were going (do you think he was REALLY a comcast rep?) and showed me a chewed up piece of paper with a bunch of prices on it that represented how much I’d have to pay if I couldn’t wait to get the boxed set of a season. I can wait.

    We watch Modern Family and 30 Rock on Hulu at dinner. That way we are laughing at something that has nothing to do with us and not shouting at each other, which I find is bad for pretty much everything.

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