Is this really a golden age of television — and a Silly Putty age for film?

I want to do this real scientific.

First, I pick three random viewers out of my mom’s colander: 12-year-old boy, 14-year-old boy, 16-year-old boy.


No, wait. To be scientifc, I’ve got to have a fleamale, haha.

Ok. And a 94-year-old lady, Esther Goldstein from next door.

Ok, guys. Hi, Mrs. Goldstein, would you please sit over there between Aaron and Isaac? Abe, move please.

Now I’m gonna name three movies and you tell me if they’re like gold or like Silly Putty.

It’s this stuff you take out of a can and you can squeeze it and if you press it on the paper, it’ll pick up the comics.

It’s a toy.

Ok, forget it. Let’s just say, are movies gold or are they stupid?

Now, I pick three movies. Say, “Sucker Punch,” “Battle: Los Angeles,” and “I Am Number Four.” How do you vote, gold or stupid?

Gold, gold, gold. Mrs. Goldstein? Mrs. Goldstein?

She’s ok. She just gets like that sometimes. Aaron, prop her up.

Ok, now I’m going to name three TV shows: “Mad Men,” “In Treatment,” “The Good Wife.”

Gold or stupid?

I can’t say that.

No, forget about “True Blood,” “Breaking Bad,” and “The Walking Dead.” I didn’t pick those.

I’m not stupid. You’re stupid.

Ok, ok. Let’s just say TV is stupid if it’s like the ones I named or gold if it’s like the ones you named, with vampires, meth, and zombies.

Thank you, Lily, for the topic. I think you have your answer.

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  1. I have to go away now and watch some more tv. But thank you for your answer.

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