The Meat-Only Diet

A couple of my earlier posts include the word “vegetable” in the title. Google has rewarded me by sending me readers who care about vegetables.

Will the same be true for meat?

I’m signing up to run for office in three weeks. If there are blocks or cadres in my district that are dedicated to the election of those who vote what they eat, I want to know about it.

Meanwhile, the meat-only diet, so that I don’t cheat those who came here to learn its truths:

First, why are you even reading this? Are you nuts? Nothing but meat? What’s wrong with you?… No wait, I didn’t mean that. But seriously, look into your heart and if you sense that you’re crazy, stay away from diets of any kind, because they’ll only make you worse. The only time that I kicked my cat was when I was famished and it grabbed the last moonpie still in its wrapper and crawled under the couch with it, just to be mean.

Second, this diet includes NO raw meat. Spending the day in your house eating nothing but raw meat could get you arrested, even if it’s really healthy.

Third, the condiments for your meat salad would include catsup, A-1 Sauce, wine, beer, champagne, and Rittenhouse Straight Rye.

Fourth, variety is important, as you are foolishly consuming protein and fat and nothing else. Each day you should eat meat from the shank, the flank, the breast, the genitals (for the phosphorus), sweetbreads (if you don’t know sweetbreads, which sound good, they are guts), and the head (head cheese, lips, snout, tongue, and brain, which won’t make you any smarter. If you don’t believe me, go ask your cow to add two plus two. Yes, I’ve seen the horse who will clop his hoof four times if you ask him that, but you can’t answer your algebra professor with a damned tap dance, over at Phoenix U. in your remedial night course.)

Fifth, the mixing of meats is discouraged if each is soused with a different alcoholic beverage.

Sixth, don’t eat the meat of any animal that serves as a pet. More particularly, don’t eat your pets. Unless you’re one of those fruitcakes with fifty cats, you won’t have enough pets to last you through the span of your complete diet.

3 Responses

  1. People come to my blog sometimes looking for things like “middle aged Indian women,” and, my personal favorite, “how to be more organized.” I am, of course, neither of those things, but I continue to hope that if they search for it, maybe it will happen (at least the last thing, the first I’m pretty sure isn’t possible unless I reincarnate, but I think you only reincarnate as a famous person, so I imagine I’d then be a famous middle aged Indian woman, which would be okay, as long as I didn’t go into politics.) You, on the other hand, have made it happen: in this post you’ve generously given your google searchers just what they’re looking for. And more — that full-on list of the various parts of the body that can be eaten was really, really well, disgusting. Still. One woman’s disgusting is another woman’s precisely articulated meat-only diet plan. Good job. Or “swag,” as the people in this house who aren’t middle-aged, would say.

    • There are 500 million Indian women on the subcontinent alone (plus 500 million Indian men, if you don’t mind coming back as the other gender). The diaspora also counts. And every one of the women is famous, if only to her family.

      • You make an excellent point. I’ve always wondered why every believer of reincarnation I’ve ever met was once someone famous — Cleopatra, Shakespeare, Henry VIII, just for example. (Maybe that is because they are all from northern California.) It seems a lot to live up to.

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