Teen Sex Movies Free

Yes, this site is free of teen sex movies. In fact, it’s free of any movies. I’ve been thinking of posting a couple of clips that dramatize the Life of Christ, His teachings and precepts, such as are available on YouTube, but I haven’t done it yet. As for teens acting in sex movies, I’m against it. They should be in school, or playing video games, or out gathering up litter along the shores of our polluted lakes and rivers, to be thrown away so that garbage barges can haul it out and dump it in the ocean.

As a screenwriter in Hollywood, I’ve been asked how teen sex movies differ from regular sex movies. The most important points to note:

– With teen sex movies, I usually get paid more than the actors.

– Less makeup is required to cover tracks on arms, legs, and buttocks.

– Filming in HD is less likely to cause viewers to go Eeeuuuew at the sight of warts, moles, gaping pores, wild hairs, scars, lesions, carbuncles, and scabs. (I never mention pus because I think it’s gross.)

– Some of the tats are fake.

– Fewer of the bosums are fake.

– The teen actors are rebelling against the oppression, real or imagined, of their parents (but not their grandparents), their teachers, their pastors and priests, recruiters for the Armed Forces, their peers, unfair video-game rules, their pimples, their hormones, and the unfamiliar urgings of common sense occasioned by approaching adulthood and bubbling up from their unconscious like existential gatorade. The older actors are tired of waiting tables in Hollywood while being rejected at casting calls.

3 Responses

  1. And, for my last long-winded reply of the night, I just want to let you know that I did not find your blog by googling either “vegetable love” or “free teen sex movies.” I got here by going to that thing on WordPress where you can look at all the posts that are about “writing.” I looked at four pages of those, and then I found your blog, which is full of useful information. Okay, I came for the veg.

  2. That search would have been conducted by two of my kids, who are twins, boys, 15 yo. and able to tell the difference between the sites full of useful information to me and those full of useful information to them. I don’t inquire about their searches, because I don’t want to know. Just as my parents turned a blind eye to pretty much everything I did, it is my goal to be an equally nattentive mother. I don’t smoke or drink clear liquids that aren’t water during the day, so I feel that ignoring their computer habits is the least I can do to keep up the high standards set by the parents of my generation.

    Your blog is really great, and I’m glad I found it — I’m looking forward to your posts.

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