Top 5 Movies that Include a Dead Horse

No movies that feature dog food are included. Let’s try to class up this post. For the same reason, nothing about those unfortunate, occasional accidents at the stud farm. And no mention of Catherine the Great.

Don’t miss the Top Chef Canada episode on cooking with horse meat.

5. Phar Lap (1983) or Seabiscuit (2003) – I don’t specifically remember the death scenes, but I know that there must be a real tear-jerker in the horse-race genre somewhere. If not in the two mentioned, then in National Velvet (1944) or Black Beauty (1946) or that movie about the kid and the big black horse on an island. Or in Bite the Bullet (1975) or that horse-race-across-the-Sahara entry, the name of which I forget. Sometimes the horse is just plain old plot fodder (and paid in fodder, too). It’s an outrage.

4. Blood Creek (2009) – Fassbender sends the red-eyed zombie horses into the farmhouse kitchen. They’re already dead, so they count for this list, no matter what happens to them next.

3. How many movies have featured the desperate flight to freedom or other such fraught journey, during which the lathered-up and much overworked faithful horse finally drops in its tracks, sometimes to be eulogized in a pithy sentence or two, sometimes to be consumed for dinner? True Grit (2020). Duel at Diablo (1966). Gone with the Wind (1939), of course. There is also the case where the rider must open the horse and crawl inside to keep warm during the prairie blizzard, but I have those over in the “Camping Out” list.

2. Temple Grandin (2010) – It’s mostly the cows and pigs that get it in this one, but I do believe that there is some horse grief as well.

1. The Godfather (1972) – It’s only the head, but I think that’s enough.