Where was Obama born? Kenya.

I can prove it. Of course, if you’re a liberal you won’t believe me no matter what.

I can also prove, without doubt:

– Aliens walk among us

– Ghosts are real

– Welfare moms are wrecking the economy

– Illegal Mexicans are wrecking the economy

– God loves America, but if the Democrats make Him mad enough, we’ll all suffer.

I’m also wondering which search terms in Google will help readers find this post. Or did Obama spoil everything by displaying that big old birth certificate?

Later: OK. Google is now sending readers to this page. Good. Welcome, Birthers! I know an old woman in Kenya who actually saw the birth. She has photos. Even on the newborn, you can see that mole beside his nose. It’s Obama all right. I’ll be happy to send you details, including a photo, for a very very modest charge to help defray the cost of duplicating the photo and to provide a little something for the old lady in her sunset years. Over there in Kenya. In Africa.

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