Nigerian Central Bank Funds: Do You Qualify?

I was going to post a few words with a title that borrowed from the Nigerian scam, just to generate some  readers via Google hits, but I’ve decided not to stoop that low.  This is to notify you, one of my fourteen readers (all-time high on June 14, 2009), of other post titles that I’ve decided not to use.

5. Best Cancer Cures

4. Megan Fox Nude Photos

3. Cheapest Oxycontin, No Questions Asked

2. Alien Abduction Nude Photos

1. Proof that God Exists. With Nude Teen Photos.

Later: I see that some of you have been visiting every day in search of cancer cures, drugs, God, and/or nudes. I apologize for their absence in this post.

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  1. This blog is the best thing ever brought to me by the global “life” tag. Granted, that’s not much of an accomplishment for WordPress to celebrate, but I’m glad for it.

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