Top 5 Cringeworthy Films Because The Stars Had Work Done

5. Pangea Day  (2008) – Goldie Hawn and Meg Ryan in the same movie.

4. Tie: Big Fish (2003) – There is that surgery thing where the woman comes out having this strange, new, faint essence of witch. It’s in the horrible smile and the eyebrows. Jessica Lange should have kept her face to herself. Moonstruck (1987) – Cher was only 41 in this one, but already you could see what was coming.

3. Rain (2006) – Faye Dunaway is 70 now. If I didn’t like Chinatown (1974) so much, I’d probably just let it go. She suffers from “madamism,” which is the process whereby a person, with repeated plastic surgeries, begins to look more and more like Madam the puppet.

2. Rocky Balboa (2006)  – 60-year-old fights for the heavyweight championship. I like Stallone and his surgeon has made his mug look ugly 56 rather than ugly 60. Good work, but I still cringed.

1. Sextette (1978) – Mae West was born in 1893. You do the math.

Honorable mention: Danny Thomas was famous for looking like a mummy at the end.