Top 5 Elephant Movies

I’m excluding Dumbo (1941). Isn’t that the one where he can flap his ears and fly? What happens when he flaps his ears for flies? He takes off by mistake? Unrealistic.

Haven’t seen yet: Water for Elephants (2011).

5. That movie with Bill Murray and an elephant – I didn’t see it, but it makes the list for the same reason that it got greenlit: it’s a movie about Bill Murray and an elephant.

4. That Thai historical drama where they attack riding on elephants. But not Alexander (2004), because Colin Ferrel being Alexander is weird, Val Kilmer being Philip is more weird, and Angelina Jolie being Ferrel’s mom is beyond weird.

3. Tie: Mogambo (1953) and Jungle Fever (1991). There may be no elephants, especially in New York, but there are elephants in the room.

2. The movie where piranhas eat an elephant. It takes three minutes. You could google it if you don’t believe me. The movie might not exist yet, but it’s like watching a monkey jump the fence: I’d pay to see it.

1. Elephant Walk (1954) – Elizabeth Taylor? All due respect, that’s two big white elephants right there.

Honorable mention: The Elephant Man (1980)

Great Minds Think Alike Department: Daily Beast’s Women and Elephants post.

6 Responses

  1. No Operation Dumbo Drop?

  2. Mammoth (2006)
    I’m wondering if the fury of a partially frozen 40,000 year old mammoth qualify as an elephant movie?

  3. and from Mississippi (1935), there is a memorable W.C. Fields quote concerning elephants that should have honorable mention. As Commodore Jackson, Fields states: “I like women as I like elephants, I like to look at ’em but I wouldn’t own one”.

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