Best Organ-Transplant Movies

I’m not including sex organs.

Or Wurlitzers hah hah.

5. The Thing with Two Heads (1972) – Could be called the Thing with Three Necks, because Rosie Grier, being an all-pro NFL star, has enough neck for two. Is it possible that Ray Milland in The Lost Weekend (1945) wasn’t acting? So that after 27 years on the downslope of nonsobriety, he ended up in this thing? And I know that the head isn’t an organ, but it contains organs.

4. Blood Work (2002) – Just finished The Narrows, a book in which the Eastwood hero of Blood Work dies (not a spoiler, as he dies before the book starts).

3. Silence of the Lambs (1991) – Hannibal transplants a liver into his own stomach.

2. Repo Men (2010) – Organ-trans-unplant movie.

1. That movie where they have a beating heart in a little cooler carrier, and it’s sort of a road trip movie? At one point they’re out in the brush – or is it bush – with it.

Honorable mention: Seven Pounds (2010), because none of the organs in the other five movies weigh that much, except for Rosie Grier’s head.

4 Responses

  1. Actually, it’s Ray Milland’s head on Rosie Grier’s body.

  2. Along the lines of silence of the Lambs, I am reminded of the movie “Teeth” (2007), which has an ending that also has some relevance to your dogsploitation theme…

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