Top 5 Cheese Movies

First, the rules: No mice. No Swiss cheese. Or is it swiss cheese? I never liked it. And with the holes? Been done to death.

No Limburger. I don’t want to show my age.

Who Moved My Cheese? has not been made into a movie yet, as far as I know.

1. I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With (2006) – L.A. and New York are full of folks, mostly young adults, making a living, or trying to, by being funny. This movie includes a number of them, Jeff Garlin and Sarah Silverman at this point having worked their way higher upon the hog, referencing ham and cheese, than most of the others.

2. Little Caesar (1931) – The best Big Cheese? Until “Mother of Mercy! Is this the end of Rico?” de-cheeses him.

3. The Stratton Story (1949) – Maybe Stewart doesn’t have the best big-league cheese. We’ll give Dutch that, in The Winning Team (1952). But Stewart’s got the moxie.

4. Millions (2004) – As the movies prove, again and again, if you come across a lot of cheese that isn’t yours, trouble usually follows.

5. This space is reserved for any unpleasant movie, in honor of cheesy movies in general, and butt-crack cheese, smegma, mother’s-milk cheese, cheesecake, cheesecloth – whoa. There’s nothing wrong with a big bolt of cheesecloth! In fact, I’ll go with Freddy Got Fingered (2001). I liked it, but many found it objectionable for some reason.

Honorable mention: Wallace and Gromit and their love of cheese, from the moon and otherwise.

2 Responses

  1. Peas, Fleas and Cheese, I sense a trend. I await your ruminations on ‘Knee Deep’ (2007), ‘The Tree’ (2010) and, of course, season one of ‘Glee’ with eagerness.

    • that’s good inadvertent rhyming knowledge!

      Knee deep in what, the reader may ask. The movie has a lot of cows in it.

      After the initial enthusiasm, viewer interest in Glee seems to have cooled, so that I’ve never watched it. Perhaps I should give it a look.

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