Wendy Hiller

You know how they say that if a man marries another man or a woman marries another woman, the next thing you know some guy is going to marry his pet goat or his tractor? And even so, men are marrying men and women are marrying women all the time now? So I’m thinking that I’ll marry a DVD. Then it can stay home while I go to work. If I get sick, it can come with me to the hospital. If it gets broke, I can have coverage through my job to get it fixed.

In the case of a divorce, I can just put it into its box and return it to Blockbuster and claim that I finally found it, behind the sofa, and ask for my money back.

One Response

  1. You got me to rub my screen thinking that the little smiley face was going to come off. I’m stupid.

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