Assure Yourself a Bottomless Pit of Blog Visitors!!

I used to post my movie reviews on Spout, which supported personal movie blogs. Spout would send me a screener to review and that was excellent, because the movies that arrived in the mail from them were never ones that I would have watched otherwise, but that were well worth my time. Broadened my horizons. Sadly, Spout stopped supporting private blogs, so I opened a WordPress account and copied 30 or 40 of my reviews over to it.

Without links to or from any other website and no connection to an online community and no friends who knew about the blog, I expected zero visits, except for those by random spamming blogbots. But not so! Every day or so, I have at least one visitor, and sometimes two! Examination of my stats reveals that the visits are  always to one of three particular reviews: Wonderous Oblivion (2003),  Manda Bala (2007), and Tillsammans (2000). For whatever reason, Google lists my reviews of these movies prominently enough in common searches for at least one person a day to click on the link to my site.

A visit a day equates to 365 visits a year, a veritable deluge. OK, the rate goes down a bit on weekends and holidays, but still, I never dreamed I’d have 300 readers a year. Course, maybe it’s just been one crazy  guy – the director of Wonderous Oblivion, for example. Or sneaky bots that fool the spam filters. And even just telling you this, I’m running a risk. What if you post reviewsof these three movies on your own site, and my average goes down from the current one visit a day to one visit every two days? Does the satisfaction that you’ve read these words and acted upon them compensate me for my disappointment at my plunging stats?

It’s a damned double-edged sword!

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  1. It’s fun to see who visits your blog. It keeps you from feeling like you’re blogging in the dark. I love seeing where there from. Who would have thought that somebody from Slovenia would be such an avid visitor to my blog?

    • I took a short class in cross-country skiing from a young fellow from Slovenia. Based upon that single data point, plus the U.S./Slovenia match in the 2010 World Cup, plus Slovenia being the first to exit Yugoslavia, plus me actually knowing where Slovenia is, it’s a pretty cool country.

  2. I’m happy for you!
    After joining the Classic Movie Blog Association I started getting more visitors and boy was I shocked! I thought someone was messing with my hit counter.

    I also have a world map that pinpoints where each visitor is from so it’s nice to know not only that someone is reading but a bit about them as well.

  3. My site evolved in similar fashion. I used to write reviews on my old Myspace page and they were read by, I dunno, five people or so. Then I took the plunge and bought a domain name and never looked back. I set myself deadlines now! I must update once a week, and there must be at least three movies reviewed. I should give myself a raise.

    Thank you for the link. I’m going to peruse some more now. Keep up the great work!

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